Insurance Industry Intelligence you can use … from the professionals at the Sullivan Group

A consortium of insurance intermediary and underwriting companies, The Sullivan Group is one of the largest and oldest closely-held brokerage operations. Long recognized internationally for expertise in handling management and professional liability insurance programs and reinsurance brokerage, the Sullivan Group companies have handled a broad array of insurance and reinsurance since 1933.

Today, the Sullivan Group provides underwriting and brokerage, wholesale to our retail insurance producers, as well as reinsurance brokerage. We wholesale Property, Casualty, Professional Liability and Management Liability. We are a Program Administrator, managing exclusive national programs including management liability programs for the healthcare industry and community association industry, and various garage coverage programs. We manage contract underwriting and binding authorities. As a reinsurance intermediary, we place specialized and niche treaty reinsurance, as well as property facultative reinsurance, and, for Program Managers and Administrators, we place programs and provide consulting services.

The individual companies share a common philosophy, which starts with an uncompromising commitment to client service. At The Sullivan Group, our mission is to create imaginative and effective ways to distribute risk, enabling businesses to operate and individuals to prosper.

Rather than trying to be “everything to everybody”, each company is committed to fostering a reputation for expertise in its particular specialty. All share a heavy emphasis on professionalism, integrity, service to the client and commitment to the community. Our companies focus on those clients, products and market where there is an opportunity to add value to the transaction.

What unifies the Sullivan Group companies, and differentiates them, is the unique blend of entrepreneurialism and opportunism. Each company was born as a creative solution to an unmet need within the industry. Together, these companies collaborate to the benefit of our clients. As a result, the Sullivan Group continues to break new ground in the insurance industry.